IYPE Radio programs

Earth & Health – Arsenic and groundwater safety

Release Date: April 20

Soil – Could soil speed Earth’s warming

Release Date: April 13

Hazards – Expert urges earthquake vigilance

Release Date: March 30

Oceans – Oceans play role in Earth’s climate

Release Date: March 23

Deep Earth – The first contact with inner Earth

      Release date: March 9

Megacities – Cities can plan for global warming

Release date: March 2

Resources – Energy and water tradeoffs in oil extraction

Release date: February 23

Climate – Southwest's climate history suggests future drought possible

Release date: February 16

Earth & Life – Did volcanoes kill the dinosaurs?

Release date: February 9

Groundwater – Time to rethink U.S. water, says expert.

Release date: February 2

More information about the program: www.earthsky.org

Organized by the US National Committee of IYPE with financial suppport by the National Science Foundation and the US Geological Survey.

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