Congratulations to Prof. Anne Buttimer (right), the former representative on the IYPE Board for IG, who received the prestigious Gold VEGA Medal from the King of Sweden (centre) for her contributions to Humanistic Geography.

3rd Hemispheric Conference on Medical Geology - Uruguay

Irish IYPE stamps won second prize in Stamp of the Year 2008 conquest

Geoheritage slideshow by the Geological Society of America

New! – IYPE Radio

Sign up for the IYPE e-Newsletter as produced by the Geological Society of America

Y.E.S. First International Congress 26-28 October in Beijing (China)

The IYPE welcomes Sri Lanka, Luxembourg and Philippines as nations that has a National Committee

Vietnamese brochure (pdf)

IYPE Prospectus and Business Plan – updated November edition (pdf)

Earth Science Week
Geology student investigates mica schists in the Eastern Alps, Saulpe, Austria. Photograph by Lutz Geissler, age 24, Freiberg, Germany who was the winner of the 2008 IYPE-Earth Science Week (AGI) photo contest.

Now available – Hungarian version of brochures:

Conferencia Planeta Tierra y Sociedad, Puerto Rico – Programa (pdf)

Cake contest for children in Houston

The IYPE welcomes Andorra as the 74th nation that has a National Committee

Houston, 5 October 2008

AGI announces release for 2008 Earth Science Week Kit

African Launch Event

Welcome Cabo Verde as the 73rd nation that established an IYPE National Committee

IYPE Calendar at the International Geological Congress in Lillestrøm (Oslo), Norway

The last country (no. 72, at this moment) with a National Committee is Uruguay

Also Ukraine has a National Committee (no. 71)

Welcome to Croatia as the 70th nation that has established an IYPE National Committee

Costa Rica also issues IYPE stamps

Ireland issues IYPE stamps

Swiss Federal Mint has dedicated this year's commemorative CHF 50.- gold coin to the International Year of Planet Earth

Zambia has a National Committee (Number 69)

Angie Rattay and Ulrich Einweg win the European Design Award with the press release ‘Planet Earth – Directions for use

UNESCO exhibition: Planet Earth: from Space to Place

Latest News about the OneGeology project (pdf)

UNESCO DG highlights IYPE in his Environment Day message (pdf)

Iraqi poster on Civilization and Planet Earth, supported by the Iraqi Ministry of the Environment

IYPE Launch for Costa Rica, 22 April, 2008

IYPE launch for Latin America in Brasilia, Brazil on 23 - 24 April, 2008. Information of this event at UNESCO Portal

Published in the UNESCO Courier 2008 number 3

Poster© Mark Bakker (the Netherlands) – IYPE student contest

Spain issues IYPE stamp

New Zealand Post issues stamps as a contribution to IYPE

IYPE welcomes IAMG as the 15th International Partner

DR Congo has become the 68th nationa with a National Committee

Earth Science India

Mauritius is the 67th entry of National Committees for IYPE!

Portugal issues IYPE stamps
Brasilia, Brazil prepares to launch the Regional IYPE for Latin America in April at the National Congress. 
More information (doc) (in portuguese, spanish and english)

Published in ‘Nature’ – To celebrate the International Year of Planet Earth, this special supplement explores recent developments and future directions in the Earth sciences.

Download the 12 brochures in Portuguese!

Opus Mosaic joins IYPE; submit your mosaic works now

One Geology

Australia launches IYPE coins!

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden gives Patronage to IYPE
Participate in the IYPE Student Contest (pdf)

Norway supports IYPE for 710,000 USD

The Norwegian Government decided to support the IYPE International Secretariat for 4 million NOK, roughly equivalent to 710,000 USD. This was announced by the Norwegian State Secretary Per Botolf Maurseth in a public outreach in the centre of Oslo, Norway, on 15 September 2007.

Google News - More news about the International Year of Planet Earth

Report of the second meeting of the IYPE National Committees (pdf)

The International Year of Planet Earth starts off with a bang!