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If you would have thought that the IYPE Triennium is already over, you would be wrong. On 10 December 2009 another major celebration of the International Year of Planet Earth took place in Maputo, Mozambique. On that occasion the National Committee of the IYPE/AIPT in Mozambique was presented for a national programme that will last to the end of 2012, at least. The event was officially opened by the President of the Republic (central on photo below) who is also the national Patron of the IYPE. Statements were made by the Minister of Education, Committee Chair, by Luis Costa Jr., the executive Committee leader, (third from the right), by Lopo Vasconcelos, the Vice Chair of the Society of Geology for Africa (second from the left ), by the Director of the Standard Bank who is the main sponsor of the IYPE in Mozambique, and by the Executive Director of IYPE (first on the right, next to the Minister of Natural Resources). In the audience of 300 were Ministers, Vice Ministers, the Governor of Maputo and other dignitaries. As in many other countries the youth played a major role in this Celebration as many Mozambique schools have participated in Earth science competitions of which the finals were broadcasted live on TV on the day before the Celebration.

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Registration of Mozambique on Activities of International Year of Planet Earth (pdf)

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