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For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Eduardo de Mulder electronically ( or by dialing +316 2223 4231.

The International Year of Planet Earth is very grateful to you for your support!

As a token of appreciation, donors subscribing 250 or more US Dollars will receive some set of stamps, including one produced by the An Post (Ireland) and dedicated to the International Year of Planet Earth. The two unique (round) self-adhesive stamps feature hand-moulded plasticine sculptures of our planet by schoolchildren Conor Reid and Mohammed Rahman. They were created during an environmental education workshop entitled: ‘Earth’s Future’ attended by a class of 11 year olds from Sancta Maria Primary School in Dublin (Ireland). The stamps and booklet were designed by Richard Chaney with photography by Fionn McCann.

Another IYPE gift for donors is a first-day cover of four stamps produced in Portugal and displaying the spheres in System Earth, the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere.

Donors subscribing 1000 or more US Dollars will be designated Affiliates of the International Year of Planet Earth. They will receive a Limited Edition artwork of the Ajanta Caves (see picture) produced and signed by Hong Kong’s Stone Master Kong Kai Ming who dedicated this artwork to the International Year of Planet Earth during a special event organized by ArtlinksAsia in Hong Kong, on June 6, 2008.